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Howard G. Smith, M.D. is a former radio medical editor and talk show host in the Boston Metro area.  His "Medical Minute" of health and wellness news and commentary was a regular weekday feature on WBZ-AM, WRKO-AM, and WMRE-AM.   His popular two-way talk show, Dr. Howard Smith OnCall, was regularly heard Sunday morning and middays on WBZ.

Trained at Harvard Medical School and a long-time faculty member at Boston Children’s Hospital, he practiced Pediatric Otolaryngology for 40 years in Boston, Southern California, and in central Connecticut.

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Aug 2, 2019



Aluminum cans containing drinks and foods that we all consume may be making us fat.  A study from NYU Medical School reports an association between childhood obesity and the bisphenol plastics used to line food and drink containers and produce thermal paper for cash register receipts.


The investigators compared data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys and with urine levels of the bisphenol plastics in children 6 to 19 yers of age.   The incidence of obesity increased with higher levels of plastic compounds in the urine.


This study merely detects an association, not a causal relationship, between obesity and plastics exposure.  Nonetheless, the smart money is on trying of avoid drinking and eating from aluminum containers.


Melanie H Jacobson, Miriam Woodward, Wei Bao, Buyun Liu, Leonardo Trasande, Urinary bisphenols and obesity prevalence among US children and adolescents, Journal of the Endocrine Society.


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