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Dr. Howard Smith Oncall

Howard G. Smith, M.D. is a pediatric otolaryngologist and former radio talk show host. As an ENT specialist, he has expertise in utilizing maximal medical management to avoid the need for ear or sinus surgery. As a media personality, he was the medical editor and talk show host at WBZ-AM, WRKO-AM, and WMRE-AM, all in Boston, Massachusetts.

Trained at Harvard Medical School and a long-time faculty member at Boston Children’s Hospital, he now practices in central Connecticut at Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat Associates and Connecticut Children's Medical Center. He is the author of the paperback and e-book "Parents Ear Infection Cookbook: Medical Strategies for Avoiding Surgery.

Selected podcasts are available as both audio and video podcasts, the latter on on the Dr. Howard Smith Reports channel.

Listeners may contact Dr. Smith with questions or comments by e-mailing him at Dr. Smith's webpage is His Twitter handle is @DrHSmithReports

Dec 4, 2011


New book helps parents control children’s ear infections, avoid ear surgery

WEST HARTFORD, CT (E-MAIL) -- Parent’s Ear Infection Cookbook: Medical Recipes for Avoiding Surgery, written by Harvard-trained pediatric ear specialist Howard G. Smith, M.D., teaches parents that successful ear infection treatment need not require expensive surgery or the repetitive use of strong antibiotics. 

Dr. Smith’s recipes prevent ear infections by teaching parents how to control the common colds and other problems that cause them.  His first instruction for moms and dads is “stop your kid’s nose blowing! Nose blowing forces infected material into the ears and nasal sinuses. If you were meant to blow your nose, you would have been born with bellows.”

Widespread nose blowing illustrates a popular ignorance about proper cold treatment.  Nobody offers any detailed cold treatment instructions - not pediatricians, not family physicians, and not even the Internet - but Dr. Smith’s cookbook does.  His formulas blend courses of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, decongestants, and, when necessary, selected antibiotics, to successfully and safely muzzle even the most grizzly colds and the bacterial ear infections that follow them.  Readers will not only learn how to subdue their children’s colds but also their own.

Recurrent and persistent childhood ear infections have become rampant as more children at younger ages attend day care, pre-school, and after-school care.  Ear infection treatment is the reason for most sick visits to pediatricians, and failed medical therapy with a succession of ever stronger antibiotics is the most common reason for childhood surgery.  Ear infections cost all of us in excess of $3 billion per year.

Dr. Smith’s ear infection treatment relies on prevention rather than on after-the-fact rescues with strong antibiotics and surgery, both of which can be costly.  In addition to instructing readers how to neutralize colds, he also teaches them to eliminate other contributing factors including dry and dirty air, seasonal and year-round allergies, and stomach acid reflux. 

Dr. Smith has successfully coached thousands of parents in California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut and taught them to work with their children’s pediatricians to keep the kids healthy, hearing, speaking clearly, and out of the operating room.  The publication of his cookbook now makes these methods available to parents and children everywhere.

Parent’s Ear Infection Cookbook: Medical Recipes for Avoiding Surgery can be purchased worldwide as a 200 page paperback at ( and its international affiliates in Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.  Ebook formats are also available at Amazon’s Kindle bookstore (, Barnes and Noble’s Nook bookstore (, on the iBook Store (, and on the Smashwords ebookstore ( for all eReaders including iPad, iPhone, Sony, Palm, Kindle. Nook, Stanza, and computer eBook applications.