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Apr 11, 2019


The majority of American parents believe that young children should not be playing tackle football.  A study recently published in the journal Pediatrics tabulated the results of a nationwide survey.

Over 1000 parents completed the survey.  Sixty-one percent definitely favored restrictions and another 24% were leaning toward bans on tackling for younger children for a total of 85% considering restrictions.

Meanwhile, on the political front, a 6 states have proposed bills to regulate tackle football for children under the age of 12.  Bills have been filed in New York, Illinois, California, Maryland, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.  So far none of them have passed into law, and the bills in California and Illinois have been withdrawn.  The New York and Maryland bills were defeated.

Finally, consider these two facts.  ONE. The sad cases of adolescent athletes and multiple studies show that head injuries produce lasting and in some cases progressive damage to the brain, particularly to the developing brain, that lead to premature dementia and psychosis.  TWO. Many NFL stars never played tackle football until they were in high school including Tom Brady, Jim Brown, Walter Peyton, Jerry Rice, Anthony Munoz, and Lawrence Taylor.

Flag and touch football are alternatives to tackle.  Studies suggest, though, that they may not be safer unless player contact is strictly prohibited and protective gear is worn.

Sara P.D. Chrisman, Kathryn B. Whitlock, Emily Kroshus, Christina Schwien, Stanley A. Herring, Frederick P. Rivara.  Parents’ Perspectives Regarding Age Restrictions for Tackling in Youth Football

Pediatrics Apr 2019, e20182402; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2018-2402

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