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Dec 31, 2019




Chugging those 6 packs and downing those jelly shots depresses the growth of the developing brain.  The skyrocketing alcohol consumption by teens and young adults may well be sapping the collective brainpower of our country.


Neuroscientists at the Oregon Health and Science University studied this phenomenon in 71 rhesus monkeys allowed to binge on alcoholic beverages and monitored for brain growth using MRI scans.  The study found that the equivalent of 4 beers per day on a consistent basis reduced brain growth and development by 0.25 milliliters per year.


This adverse effect of a young person’s brain development and likely their powers of thought and problem-solving can be added to the other dangers of alcohol abuse.  These are: liver rotting, stomach ulcers, and all those goes along with serious substance addiction.  


If you find that your teen is drinking more than occasionally, and you will have to actively look, intervene to get them the help they need.


Tatiana A. Shnitko, Zheng Liu, Xiaojie Wang, Kathleen A. Grant, Christopher D. Kroenke. Chronic alcohol drinking slows brain development in adolescent and young adult non-human primates. eneuro, 2019; ENEURO.0044-19.2019 DOI: 10.1523/ENEURO.0044-19.2019


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